Life Like Creations - Fine Artistic Taxidermy Specialist

We do require a 50% deposit on all taxidermy work. All tags and proper paper work from the state you killed your trophy  in is required along with Hunting License number, Phone Number, Complete Shipping address,  date killed, State Killed In, County Killed  in, Species Killed. All Bears must come with a legal kill tag  if there is no tag Please do not send us the bear or skin.

IF you ship a frozen raw skin please ship on Mondays using overnight shipping and call us and let us know so that we can watch for the shipment. Salted skins can be shipped by normal standard shipping.

All tanning is done in house except for rugs which are sent to Carolina Fur. We are not responsible for loss of skins due to poor handling in the field or things that we cannot control.

Trophy Field Care  Guide

Life Like Creations contact:

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2191 Highlands Highway  - Walhalla, SC    29691

Phone Number  864-557-9317 or 864-916-0184





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