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Deer hunting tips and info site.  Share your deer hunting photos in our gallery and your hunting stories in our deer hunting forum.

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Guide

 South Dakota hunting outfitter offering pheasant hunting guides and lodge as well  as whitetail deer hunting.
The Web Site for REAL Coon Hunters
 Published by a REAL Coon Hunter
I wrote a song about coon hunting for my father-in-law who has lost his voice due to cancer.


Squirrel Dog Basics - David Osborn - An excellent book on the sport of squirrel hunting with dogs
Treetop Publications is proud to introduce Squirrel Dog Basics—a book by David Osborn.

An overview of the sport of squirrel hunting with dogs. Discussed within its pages are:

   —What is a squirrel dog?
   —Squirrel dog classification
   —Selecting and training a squirrel dog
   —Types of squirrel dogs
   —How to hunt squirrels with dogs
   —Hunting equipment
   —Introduction to gray and fox squirrels
   —Squirrel biology and management
   —Preparing squirrels for the table
   —Tree-dog related vocabulary
   —Introduction to dog enthusiast groups