Hunt the Wild Side of the South for Wild Boar !!


Hunt the Wild Side of the South for Wild Boar !

Appalachia  Adventures - Cherokee Guide Service
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If you want to hunt free range, fair chase wild boar/feral hogs email Appalachia Adventures/Cherokee Guide Service.

Wild Pigs can be hunted all year on private lands. On state and federal lands, the hunting season coincides with the hunting season for White-tailed Deer. Please email for information on hunting dates.


The wild hogs in our area has a "junk yard dog" attitude. They are born wild, live wild, and are noted for their strength, ferociousness and intelligence.

We are not allowed to hunt over food as bait on any of our hunts. We can hunt agricultural areas however.

Success on any given hunt depends upon a number of factors: the weather, hunter's ability to walk in hilly to mountainous thickly wooded terrain, hunter skill, etc.

For walking in this kind of terrain, it is important to have the proper type of footwear, such as some kind of hiking boots. Tennis shoes and the usual dress shoots is totally not appropriate.

Since we hunt totally free range, fair chase we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that you will be successful.

We do not charge a trophy/kill fee as we do not have to replace wild animals like a game preserve/lodge might do. Even if you are successful, you do not owe us anything else. We cannot give you a no kill/no pay rate because our animals are not enclosed in a fenced in area.

Links of interest about wild hogs:

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