We have special group rates.


Rates & Booking

We do not offer 1/2 day rates as our hunts are a full day's hunt. Should you want to hunt only 1/2 day, the cost is still for a full day's hunt. We don't quote hourly rates for hunts either. Sorry, but it's standard in our industry to have rates by the day.

Tag-a-longs or observers do not have to have a hunting license but they cannot assist the hunter in any way. They cannot carry weapons, handle the hunter's weapons, touch the game or dogs. There is a $50/day fee for observers / tag-a-longs.

Rates can change. Please email us for current rate on hunt packages should you have any questions. Rates DO NOT change after you have booked your hunt however.

Hunting Packages Available

We hunt free range, fair chase with NO fenced in or pen raised animals. We are not allowed to hunt any animal over food as bait.  Guide fee includes your guide and help getting your game out. The guide will assist in field dressing and getting your animal ready for transportation to a meat locker or taxidermist of your choice.

Tennessee hunts only

Guide fees: 

1. Wild Boar Hunts. -


Group rate -  $350.00/day/person -group rate, must have at least 4 people hunt a minimum of 3 days.

2. Black Bear Hunts.  Fall and winter hunts only. No spring hunts.


$350.00/day/person - group rate, must have at least 4 people hunt a minimum of 3 days.

3. Special Combo hunt Wild Boar and Black Bear 

$650.00/day/person--minimum (3) three day hunt, no minimum number of hunters.

$600.00/day/person - group rate, must have at least 4 people hunt a minimum of 3 days.

4. White Tail Deer Hunts - Still hunts only. No dogs allowed.


$375.00/day/person - group rate, must have at least 4 people hunt a minimum of 3 days.

5.  Wild Boar & Deer Combo.  No dogs allowed.  Still hunting only during the open deer seasons..


$475.00/day/person - group rate, must have at least 4 people hunt a minimum of 3 days.


6.  Wild Turkey Hunts (Wild turkey is considered a big game animal)


Special Wild Turkey  / Wild Boar Hunt

$500.00/day/hunter - You have to hunt with a shotgun  


7. Small Game Hunts (rabbits, groundhogs, foxes, bobcats etc)


8. Coyote Hunts (No Closed Season), No bag limit



Fishing information and rates. Click Here.



We require that you advise approximate date/time you expect to arrive, the number of hunters in your group, as well as the dates that you will be hunting.

These dates will be reserved for you or your group.
Please note that a signed liability waiver is required from all participants.

BOOKING FEE/RESERVATIONS: We require a 50% initial deposit to book a hunt. The deposit is required within (5) working days of booking your dates. The final 50% is due upon arrival. Money orders, cashiers checks or cash are accepted for deposits and final payment. We do not accept personal checks any longer.

Deposits are non-refundable. Refunds will not be made on early departures from the hunt, cancellations, or "poor" weather cancellations.

Cancellations or early departures can be rescheduled for another date or the next open season.
Reservations for guide Service are required in order that specific dates be set aside for your particular group. This helps our scheduling process and allows us to give you the individual quality Service that you deserve.

We do not have any hidden charges nor a "replacement fee" for harvested animals. There is NO kill/trophy fee required.  There are no fences nor enclosed areas for the game animals. It is strictly free range, fair chase hunting and we cannot guarantee a kill.

 Please note that a signed liability waiver is required.

LICENSE: a hunting license "is not" provided. It is up to the hunter to obtain his/her own license and permits. We cannot purchase a hunting license for you as Georgia requires personal identification.

We do not provide hunting gear, lodging or food. A list of local lodging/accommodations can be mailed to you upon request or can be found at Lodging Options.



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